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Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.
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Jun 19, 2018

Cody Sperber, a US Navy Veteran turned self-made Millionaire, is an avid Real Estate and Cryptocurrency Investor. Cody has flipped more than 1,000 properties as a real estate investor and quickly gained a huge competitive advantage by becoming a master of marketing. Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank called him an “absolute market genius.”

Cody is also the founder and CEO of Clever Investor, a Top Rated Educational Company awarded by Inc. 5000 in 2015 and 2016. Clever Investor is the industry’s premier source for investing education and provides support to all level​s of investors.

Cody has the most-followed real estate account on Instagram and has amassed nearly a million social media followers. Cody Sperber is also the author of two books, “How to Flip Houses” and “Cryptocurrency Secrets,”” both Amazon Best Sellers.

Cody now mentors students nationwide to achieve their own financial freedom while continuing to grow his Arizona real estate investment firm.

Sperber is dedicated to creating savvy, empowered Clever Investors worldwide.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Cody got the nickname “the clever investor”
  • The history behind what inspired Cody to start investing in real estate
  • Why there are no excuses in the real estate business
  • A trap Cody found himself in at first that many other real estate entrepreneurs also face
  • Jack Miller, and how he helped Cody have the breakthrough he needed to really get into real estate
  • Goals Cody made for himself to serve as drivers for him to do well in the industry
  • The one trait that separates successful from unsuccessful people
  • What you need to do long before you structure a deal
  • The critical thing you need to do after you find a strategy to follow
  • How to win the game of real estate by changing your mindset
  • Lessons Cody learned from his mentor, Lyle
  • The struggle of investors and how it shifts as you become more advanced over time
  • The sacrifices behind the big mansions and fancy cars
  • Three things you have to manage very well as an entrepreneur
  • How important it is to surround yourself with the right people
  • Why cash flow becomes increasingly important as you mature in the business
  • Three things to master in real estate to become unstoppable
  • Reasons you really need to get a coach if you’re just starting out in real estate
  • Cody’s teaching strategy and what he focuses on with his students
  • Asymmetric returns and what they mean for investments


Jun 14, 2018

Sam Bell started his first agency, PPC Boutique, in 2009, right as social media was starting to attract mainstream attention. Since then, he’s taken the knowledge gleaned from nearly a decade of advertising experience and used it to leverage incredible results for his clients.

These results, together with his unparalleled dedication to his clients’ success and his deep industry insights have led many to call Sam The Social Ads Engineer.

The bottom line is this: Sam Doesn’t just create ads. He launches campaigns with the express intent of pinpointing and reaching highly-engaged, ready-to-act clients that qualified and eager to learn more about what you have to offer – and act on it.

Why settle for mediocre campaign results and tepid interaction on your ads when you can have a robust, interested and passionate audience that looks forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what’s next?

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Locating and targeting your ideal audience so you can enjoy a greater return on your advertising investment
  • Methods for using Facebook and other social media mediums for advertising your goods, products, and services
  • The power of leveraging social media to sell real estate and investment properties
  • The importance of building and maintaining relationships with successful people within your industry as well as in industries that support the one your business is in
  • Why it’s important to evolve as new opportunities present themselves
  • The reasons it is better to focus on quality leads rather than amassing a large quantity of leads for your business
  • Why you must be willing to open the door when opportunity knocks
  • Ways you can maximize your social media efforts to pull double, triple, or even quadruple duty for you
  • Making your time work better for you by buying ads rather than dedicating your time and energy amassing huge amounts of content on various social media platforms
  • How these same tactics and techniques can be used by businesses in practically any industry and not just for real estate investments
  • What to do when people respond to your Facebook and other social media advertisements
  • Setting up a funnel so it does the work for you and you’re free to focus your attention on other aspects of operating your business
  • The importance of taking the time to get to know your audience and connecting with them


Jun 12, 2018

Connor Steinbrook was a top online poker player from 2003-2011, and in 2011, on April 15th, the government shut down the websites and he lost almost a decade of his life overnight. Nobody wanted to hire what they thought was an ex-gambler so he quickly realized he had to create a job for himself. He tried insurance and network marketing and found himself into real estate. It was a rough start — he ended up facing bankruptcy with $65,000 in debt. He figured out how to do deals using a joint venture wholesaling strategy where he never meets the seller or buyer, doesn’t put up earnest money or option money directly and doesn’t go to closings — he does everything virtually. He went from JV wholesaling to regular wholesaling, into flipping houses retail and becoming financeable, and then began to keep houses and do some owner financing and creating notes. He then created Investor Army to teach new investors how to duplicate what he did even if they have no money….being this is the biggest handicap for new investors.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Active, passive, and expanding financial situations with active, passive, and expanding income
  • What Connor did when his online poker income stream was stripped away
  • Why you should always have multiple income streams, including passive income
  • Why Connor created Investor Army
  • How Connor dealt with an issue that commonly causes entrepreneurs to burn out
  • The difference between active and passive income
  • Mistakes most people make with their lifestyle when they earn active income
  • Benefits of having both active and passive income
  • How passive income can create wealth that lasts for generations
  • Hitting rock bottom and how it can actually help you be more successful
  • The true definition of an asset
  • How passive income can give you freedom in your life
  • What emotional capital is and why it matters when you’re investing
  • Temporary vs forever passive income
  • Why there shouldn’t be a stigma around MLM models of generating income, and how you can make millions with these models
  • Why starting and running a business is always a time vs money battle
  • Choosing an MLM that is similar to the business you are already in
  • How real estate agents can build a team without being a broker
  • Cloud based brokerage systems and how they now allows teams to be built across the country
  • The trend of brick and mortar businesses being eliminated in the United States
  • Tips to ensure you’re in a good position if you lose a stream of income or times get hard
  • How to make an extra $155,000/year with a storage business
  • What can happen when you just stick your head down and focus on your work


Jun 7, 2018

Danny Kerr learned two important things as a young age: to work hard and be humble in everything he does. At 20 years old, Danny took a leadership position for a franchise company and grew sales from $400,000 to $1,300,000 in one year. Such rapid growth was only possible through selecting top caliber franchisees and being an open, honest, and flexible coach to them. Growing that business launched Danny’s journey in developing companies, where he spent the next six years scaling businesses. Through these experiences, he decided to commit his life to assisting others to move past adversity and reach their full potential.

Danny has since left the franchising world and opened horizons to all trades business owners seeking guidance through their growth stages. Through authentic relationships and always putting his heart into what he does, Danny looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of business owners everywhere.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Steps businesses must take to grow their businesses beyond one million dollars per year
  • The importance of weekly goal setting and accountability
  • Why business owners need to stop being the doers of all things and become the leaders of good people
  • The three biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to grow past the million-dollar mark
  • Strategizing and planning: foundational building blocks for all businesses and why they are so important
  • Why using your calendar as a fundamental tool for planning your business and achieving intentional growth for your business
  • The importance of choosing your team wisely and using the people you have to their full potential and your full advantage
  • Reasons why you need to not only have a system in place for your business but you must also follow that system over and over again to ensure continued growth for your business
  • Why your goal needs to be creating a business entity that can run itself if you aren’t there for a day, a week, etc.
  • How to shift your focus from getting business to managing the business you have more efficiently so you can maintain or sustain new growth for your business without burning out
  • Ways to free up your time, though streamlined recruiting efforts, so you can focus your attention on some of the more creative aspects of running your business and improving your income
  • Recruiting tactics that can help you attract your ideal candidates — people who will help you grow your business and not just those looking for an easy payday
  • Personality-based interviewing techniques that can help you identify candidates who are good fits for your organization and your organizational needs


Jun 5, 2018

Brian Safdari is the founder of College Planning Experts, America’s leading authority on how to send your child to the college of their choice without going broke. His story is one of incredible success and triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

After his sacrifice of not attending his dream college, making costly mistakes on the financial aid process, and getting in over $50,000 in student loan debt, Brian has devoted his life to helping parents get their kids accepted into their dream college without going broke.

Since 2004, Brian has helped over 7,500 families get into college, receive financial aid regardless of income, assets or student’s grades, and fund college without jeopardizing their retirement.

Brian has been featured in LA Times, Daily News, The Signal Newspaper, SCV TV, AM 1220 KHTS radio show, and as seen on many TV channels such as Fox 11’s Good Day LA show, Fox News, USA network, Bravo, E network, ABC family, Food Network, TLC, Tru TV, VH1, Animal Planet, Lifetime Movie Network, Oxygen, CNN, and much more. Brian has helped raise over $121,000 in charitable contributions to many non-profit organizations and been awarded by The US House of Representative, Congressman Howard Buck McKeon, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, California State Assembly, County of Los Angeles, California State Senate, California Legislative, City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Clarita, and more.

He is also the host of a radio show, “College Planning Secrets Exposed” and an author of several best-selling books on college planning.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brian Safdari is using his mistakes to help others attend college for less
  • The first mistakes many parents make when it comes to financial aid for their inbound college students
  • How to maximize access to grants and other types of financial aid
  • Ways parents can position themselves, financially, to receive money to assist with college – even if they are wealthy and may not qualify for government-based grant programs
  • Methods students can use to leverage the connections they make in college and why the connections students make in college are sometimes more valuable than the education they receive
  • The most important thing students should focus on when planning their college experience (and it isn’t how they’re going to pay for it)
  • Why parents shouldn’t fear their children getting accepted into private or even Ivy league colleges
  • When parents and children should begin zeroing in on the colleges they’re interested in and the careers they’d like to pursue
  • How parents can after the bills have been greatly reduced with Brian’s plan
  • The three pillars of the college planning process and what parents can do to position their children for the greatest possible success in the college planning process
  • Ways some college funds can actually hurt your child’s opportunities for receiving financial assistance and how parents can avoid those potential pitfalls


May 31, 2018

For the last 15 years, Pat Dornan has been a Maryland licensed general contractor. He is also a MD registered home builder, Project Management Professional (PMP), and is EPA-certified for safe lead removal. He bought his first investment property in 2006 and has been a full-time investor for 4 years. Prior to that, Pat was an IT professional for 23 years where he invented the Internet (with 600,000 of his friends).

In January 2017, Pat founded Serenity Software, Inc. and created Ultimate Rehab Estimator to meet a need he saw every day. Investors need to know what to look for and what the repairs/improvements to a property will cost. Contractors simply cannot go to every property with them and do estimates on each one, knowing only 1 in 50 might be closed upon. The investor is on his/her own. Well, they used to be!

All a buyer has to do is measure – exterior or interior and tell the app what they want to do. Repair, replace, build, paint, whatever. Ultimate Rehab Estimator does all of the math, produces a Statement of Work, Bill of Materials, and has a Deal Analyzer to help the investor decide if they might make a profit.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tips and tricks investors use when evaluating potential properties
  • The app that can transform your property investment business
  • Which book helps new investors get through the “what now?” phase of each new project
  • How you can learn to evaluate a property for profit on the initial walk through – before you buy
  • The importance of managing expectations when attempting a rehab and keeping them realistic
  • Things to look for that may signify a bad investment
  • Why high-crime areas are rarely good locations for investment properties – no matter how good the deal may look on paper
  • Why you should never leave tools and materials on job sites in questionable locations
  • Why you make your money when you buy, which is why it is so important to choose your investments wisely when you plan to rehab properties
  • Avoiding buying properties in locations that are going to prove difficult for selling rehabbed properties


May 29, 2018

Sean is from Salt Lake City, UT and is now a Memphian transplant. He attended the University of Utah on an academic scholarship and received his degree in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. He was working on artificial heart research before his endeavors in Real Estate. He now works with the Memphis Investment Properties team to systematize and streamline every process in the business.

Memphis Investment Properties offers complete turn-key service, minimizing management headaches for investors and making the real estate investment process simple and profitable. Whether you are just getting started or are looking to expand your existing portfolio, the investment experts at Memphis Investment Properties are ready to help you take the next step.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Sean got started in the real estate industry
  • What Sean decided to do to be successful when he realized the market in his area wasn’t good
  • The process of setting up a real estate business far away from where you live
  • Tips for getting your name out there
  • The benefits of having two separate, unbiased opinions on a house
  • Different markets where owner financing does and doesn’t work
  • Why investors are comfortable investing with Memphis Investment Products
  • The type of people turnkey companies are beneficial for
  • How the different parts of Sean’s company work together to create a seamless team
  • Helping people who need to buy a property sight unseen
  • What it means to have low capital expenditures and why that’s good for a homebuyer
  • The simple process for quickly getting people into the rental market
  • Two big events Sean is holding this year for people to come check out the Memphis market


May 24, 2018

Mike Powell is a creative real estate investor from San Antonio, Texas. He began selling commercial real estate in his early twenties to put himself through college at Texas A&M.

His goal was to make his first million by age thirty. He smashed that goal. Today he specializes in finding private lenders, seller financing, and buying self-storage facilities.

Mike continues to grow substantially year after year and attributes his success to God and his endless desire to keep learning and improving. He says, “I am a reflection of the mentors in my life.”

Tim Macy is an Air Force Veteran and Real Estate Investor. He is a licensed agent with eXp Realty and leader of the Terrell-Macy Group. Tim and his partner Emily bring a unique product to the San Antonio real estate market, offering investors an investor friendly team while providing all of the great marketing and sales of a retail team. Tim is experienced in renovations, rentals, REOs, auctions, owner finance, and many other types of transactions.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The new revolution coming in the real estate arena
  • How agents can build an income stream with this new revolution
  • How to get paid commission for people under you without having to “babysit” them
  • The importance of a platform for a business
  • Secrets of the trade that have made eXp grow and become successful so quickly
  • Why someone would want to leave their current brokerage for eXp
  • The flexibility that eXp allows brokers to have
  • How eXp fixes the problem of brokers getting tied up in day to day tasks
  • The meaning of gross commission income (GCI) and what it means for brokers
  • The strategy eXp uses to grow as a company and retain their top agents
  • How social media allows the cloud based company to remain a tight-knit group
  • Questions to ask to add people to your team
  • The benefits of monetizing a deal more than once
  • The vast reach of eXp across the United States
  • Pros to being diversified across markets
  • The importance of strong commitment
  • How to get involved with eXp
  • Advice on how to level the highs and lows in real estate
  • Why you need to get out there and get in front of people


May 22, 2018

As the owner of Rehabs 2 Riches, Alton Jones has spent his life making connections. Right out of high school, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department and became a police officer. During that time, he had a lot of interesting experiences and met a variety of fascinating people. Now, 30 years later, he’s still a reserve officer.

In 1996, Alton joined Primerica Financial Services and became a licensed life insurance agent, eventually rising to the position of Regional Vice-President. A few years later, things changed. He saw families and good people experiencing tough times due to a bad economy and a terrible real estate market. If things had been a little different, it could have been Alton and his family in the same situation. He knew he wanted to help somehow, to give back. That’s what motivated him to earn his real estate license and establish West Coast Home Buyers, LLC., purchasing and remodeling homes to make them affordable for local homebuyers.

Working alongside his mentor, the legendary Ron LeGrand, 14 years of real estate experience taught Alton two things. First, rehabbing homes is a way to help others, giving them a chance to buy beautiful and secure homes. Second, by working hard and working smart, rehabbing can be highly profitable. These lessons led him to develop Rehabs 2 Riches, a series of courses and books designed to teach anyone how to seize the financial opportunity for themselves.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The “secret sauce” for financing investment properties without cash or credit
  • Why it’s so important to have a system for identifying, locating, and qualifying potential investment properties
  • Why any location won’t do and why some areas offer greater wealth potential than others
  • Why “trust but verify” is an important concept for high-end real estate rehabs
  • The importance of building relationships in this business (with real estate agents, contractors, private lenders, etc)
  • Why it’s important to be selective in choosing properties rather than taking on every project that lands at your feet
  • Methods Alton uses to get financing for high-end rehabs without going to his own creditors or coffers
  • The lesson you can learn from Alton’s nightmare project
  • Why choosing your contractors wisely matters and why choosing the wrong contractor may cost valuable time and money
  • Investing in your education to make money in real estate
  • Why Alton believes your success begins with a plan
  • The importance of exposing yourself to the type of people you want to become, to achieve the success you desire


May 17, 2018

Real Estate investors in all fifty states across Canada and fifteen foreign countries including as far away as Australia and New Zealand have long regarded the training, systems, and forms created by Louis Brown as the best in the industry.

Quoted as an expert by many publications and authors, “Lou” draws from a wide and varied background as a real estate investor having been buying property since 1976. He’s invested in single-family homes, apartments, hotels, developed subdivisions and built and renovated homes and apartments. Each of these experiences has given him a proving ground for the most cutting-edge concepts in real estate today.

He’s widely known as a creative financing genius with his deal structuring concepts. Being a teacher at heart he enjoys sharing his discoveries with others.

He has served the industry in many volunteer positions such as past President and designated lifetime member of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, the world’s largest real estate investor group. He is also founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association, which serves as the umbrella association of local investor groups.

Husband, Father, Author, Lecturer, Inventor, Investor, Builder, Designer, and Real Estate Expert are all descriptions of this exciting trainer.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the real estate business keeps changing
  • Why it’s so critical to keep up with those changes
  • Why land trusts are a foundational aspect of real estate investment
  • How a trust protects personal and business privacy and security
  • How trusts can protect your assets during the process of gifting and inheritance
  • Why some attorneys may not know how to best protect your land
  • How to take yourself out of the public record in any name you desire
  • How trusts are able to obscure your net worth so you aren’t an easy target


May 15, 2018

With extensive real estate experience, Mike Wallace helps buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. He has a broad knowledge of communities located within the Southeastern Wisconsin area and works diligently on his clients’ behalf to make their home buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one. He is committed to helping people sell their home or property in a timely fashion while attaining the highest possible price for their real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mental roadblocks that prevent people from going after private money and what you can do to overcome them
  • Options to consider once the initial term of the investment is up that continue to make you money as the investor
  • Reasons selling notes is something investors might wish to avoid
  • Why smaller banks are preferable to larger banks for getting financing that is a little outside the box
  • Why private lenders are even better for getting creative financing that goes more than a little outside the traditional lending box
  • How real estate investors really win when they have people competing to offer them money
  • The reason bringing in a bookkeeper may be the most important thing you can do when just starting out
  • The importance of building relationships when investing in real estate
  • Creating a rinse and repeat formula for your business and why it’s the real difference maker
  • Things to avoid when dealing with traditional lenders, like prepayment penalties


May 10, 2018

Craig Melby’s core mission is helping companies prosper by picking the best facilities and negotiating the best, most flexible lease terms. He has been an Investor, Lease Negotiator, Site Selector, Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur for 35+ years.

Craig performs commercial lease consulting for clients nationwide, and his companies provide unmatched resources and advice for facility expansions, relocations, lease extensions and other Facility/Landlord issues.

Craig has been in the commercial real estate industry for more than 35 years and currently holds the industry’s top designation: Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). He is also a former member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to begin on the path of commercial real estate investing
  • Boosting your profit and return by identifying the right site for your business
  • How to move your business from your garage
  • The differences between a residential and commercial lease
  • How to negotiate tenant improvements with landlords
  • Why properly negotiating early on will lead to tremendous benefits later
  • How to avoid running out of time while building out your property
  • Why it may be beneficial to have a professional negotiate on your behalf


May 8, 2018

Leila Khan is an international author, soul-awakening speaker, and creator of The Trailblazer’s Mentorship for individuals invested in their personal development who want to reach the next level in their personal and/or business life. She teaches and awakens self-mastery within each individual to energize their human spirit so that they can experience the deep well of inner potential for a happy, meaningful, and satisfying life.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How taking responsibility for yourself will lead to success
  • Why changing your mindset matters in terms of habit and personal responsibility
  • How fear can cause you to hold yourself back and limit your success
  • Why you may need to identify previously unknown fears to conquer them
  • How self doubt can lead to missed opportunities even for those who are otherwise skilled
  • How giving yourself positive affirmations can help you through a frightening problem
  • Why tapping into your subconscious may be critical for personal evolution
  • Why you need to take action to control your fate, as well as celebrate when you succeed


May 3, 2018

Kay Sanders, known as the Creator of Possibilities, is an Intuitive Business Coach, Certified Akashic Record Consultant, and Bestselling Author. Kay helps conscious entrepreneurs find that missing piece to create momentum in their Business and reignite their Manifesting Mojo so they can make a difference in the world, create more freedom in their life and tap into the magic and power of manifesting their hearts desire.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Kay moved from Germany to the United States to follow the American Dream
  • How she didn’t give up even in the face of adversity, instead turning her challenges into triumphs
  • Why anything is possible in business and in other areas of life
  • The only person who is holding you back from success in your business
  • How to overcome income challenges and figure out what’s holding you back from earning more money
  • Why addressing personal development is absolutely essential for every entrepreneur and business owner
  • Whether affirmations and self talk matter
  • What law of attraction is and whether it matters
  • Why mindset is just as important as taking action in business
  • How to know if your mindset is what’s holding you back from your goals and dreams
  • Ways to overcome mindset challenges, including strategies like tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Why it’s so important to have a coach or expert to guide you to success
  • How you can start all over each day, no matter how things turned out in your business and in your life before now
  • Why building an email list is essential, and how to do that
  • How to get a year of daily emails containing uplifting inspirational quotes from Kay’s book with messages of inspiration


May 1, 2018

Keith Baker began painting houses in high school and worked construction through college, renovating houses in addition to performing rental make readies and rehabbing flips for investors while earning a degree in Philosophy and German. He never took a class in real estate, finance, accounting or business. Everything he’s learned about business, real estate, and lending has been through practical experience: successes and failures.

He started his own construction/general contractor company after college. After closing his contractor business, Keith worked as a Construction Manager at McGuyer Home Builders (Pioneer and Plantation Homes). When the housing market peaked and began to crumble, he jumped head first into a field position with an oilfield service provider: Schlumberger and then parlayed my oilfield knowledge into a career as an energy loss adjuster.

When Keith decided to invest in real estate, he hadn’t yet developed the confidence to speak to sellers, so he bought his first investment property from his parents, just to get things moving. He and his wife then house hacked their way through their starter home, which we slowly flipped for a nice profit. Then Keith decided it was time to become a landlord, which was a painful experience.

Because he travels so much for a day job that he actually enjoys, Keith converted an old 401(k) into a self-directed IRA (with Quest IRA) and began private lending to local real estate investors to keep himself in the real estate investing loop, close to the action, and to expand his network. Through private lending he bought my first rental property from a potential borrower and met his partner, Landon. Together he and Landon formed Asset REI, which focuses on providing owner financing for both buyers and properties that are neglected and overlooked by the conventional “too big to fail banks.” Thus they become the bank!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How you can be a private lender
  • Keith’s past and the path that led to him becoming a real estate investor
  • The deal that got Keith started in private lending, and how the process works
  • How you can be involved with rehab without taking the associated risks
  • Different scenarios and types of loans Keith works with
  • Why investing in real estate can be a better option than the stock market for many people
  • How to mitigate the risk in real estate investing
  • Why it has been tough to find good deals lately
  • An example where foreclosure wouldn’t be a good option
  • Why loaning money can be easier and more effective than renting
  • The least active way to earn money in real estate
  • How Keith turned his dream and passion for teaching into a reality
  • Why everyone could benefit from having more private lenders in business
  • The two rules Keith teaches all his students
  • Why you should never be afraid to say no
  • How Keith plans to scaffold his education business to ensure quality
  • Avoiding the trap of the imposter syndrome


Apr 26, 2018

Stefani Shock’s start in real estate was in New York City in 2003. From the beginning, she wanted to sell condo developments but in a competitive industry, those opportunities were next to impossible.

After eight years of brokering property, she finally got her first on-site sales position at a luxury condo building. Unfortunately that was in 2009 — a time where people weren’t purchasing luxury homes. After selling the building out in record time, she moved onto another luxury development and then moved to the Bahamas to sell condos in a another luxury development/resort community.

Her history in real estate had the ups and downs a roller coaster could envy. She is now a certified performance coach for Realtors and creator of the online course, Broker Flow, where she teaches the same techniques that power-brokers use in order to have a solid and successful business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The ups and downs and highs and lows of Stefani’s career
  • Unreal Estate: what it is and what it means to Stefani
  • Why agents and brokers should be classified as entrepreneurs
  • How the entrepreneurial spirit got Stefani into real estate
  • A story about how parking in New York City led to inspiration
  • Struggles of real estate in New York City
  • Stefani’s major light bulb moment while she was working as a broker
  • What Stefani did when she was getting close to eviction
  • The benefits of networking and using contacts
  • How Stefani went from rock bottom to tripling her income
  • Why it’s important to be humble enough to ask for help
  • How Stefani found success with luxury condos in New York City
  • A misconception people have about brokers in exotic locations
  • Why now is the best and easiest time to ask the world for what you need
  • Why you should never stop at the first no
  • The story of Stefani selling her first condo in the Bahamas over lunch
  • How to negotiate deals with people who are looking for a second home
  • What Stefani’s free digital book teaches about “Unreal Estate”
  • What Mitch’s first book “Failing Forward to Financial Freedom” is about
  • Inspiration for rewriting your whole life when you’re at the bottom
  • Why focusing on the positive is so powerful
  • Focusing on mindset and eliminating excuses


Apr 24, 2018

With extensive real estate experience, Mike helps buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. He has broad knowledge of communities located within the Southeastern Wisconsin area and works diligently on his clients’ behalf to make their home buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one. He is committed to helping people sell their home or property in a timely fashion while attaining the highest possible price for their real estate.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The power and flexibility that using private money provides real estate investors
  • The experience of going through with his decision to leave a steady, lucrative job he knew well to start a new career in real estate
  • How winners in real estate never overextend themselves and keep multiple revenue possibilities open versus going all in on one thing
  • The way Mike used his loan industry experience to bolster his confidence when he started making those first phone calls to obtain private funds
  • The way he used resources like podcasts and scripts to improve his chances of making positive connections
  • What successfully closing out his first real estate deal did for Mike’s psyche and how it inspired him to keep going
  • Learning to tap into investor resources like 401Ks and other retirement accounts by showing potential stakeholders how they could profit long-term
  • Using the volatility of the stock market as a selling point to investors by showing them the benefit of having a tangible asset available
  • How to gauge the responses to different scripts and adjust your technique to fit the situation
  • The path a new investor should take to start obtaining private funds, starting with friends and family and working their way up to newer connections


Apr 19, 2018

Aaron Jistel has been an agent then broker for the last 13 years. He is currently the broker and co-founder of ListingSpark. ListingSpark is a technology based real estate brokerage founded in 2011. ListingSpark utilizes a unique subscription based payment model of $7 a day (conveniently billed monthly) rather than the traditional 3% listing commission paid at closing. They are unique in the sense that their clients only pay for the exact amount of service they want and need.

With the $7 a day rate, they offer all of the essential elements of a professional listing including professional photos, sign, supra box, showing notifications and feedback, market data as well as all contracts and documents. Their clients manage their listing through our site or from a tablet or phone. If a seller needs additional service for negotiations, they have an upgraded level of service for a small additional fee paid at closing. They are fast approaching the half a billion mark of real estate sold and have successfully sold thousands of homes throughout Texas. They are in the process of expanding in to Florida, California and several other states in the near future.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Aaron and his co-founder got inspired when they saw the market was changing in 2008
  • What Aaron did when he realized technology was changing the market
  • Empowering sellers and helping them in a nontraditional way
  • The subscription-based world we live in and how it has changed many things, including real estate
  • What Aaron is able to offer to his customers for $7/day
  • How Aaron’s product helps investors get the best of both worlds
  • Maximizing exposure and capturing the entire marketplace through
  • Software that allows clients to run their own comps, found at
  • Customization and algorithms in Listing Spark that allow clients to save time and get what they really want
  • Free services offered by Aaron through Listing Spark
  • The most important asset any real estate investor will ever possess
  • The incredible value behind the service Aaron offers clients
  • How Listing Spark is turning the real estate world upside down
  • The number one piece of advice Aaron has for investors
  • One of the biggest factors when it comes to valuing property, and how it can be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars


Apr 17, 2018

Paul Ritter has over 25 years experience in the mortgage and credit enhancement industries. He is currently the owner of Credit Investigation Service, dba My Credit Team that specializes in credit enhancement for the Real Estate Industry. He is FICO certified, an expert in his field, and a national sought after speaker. He also owns a screening company, which provides the front-end piece to evaluate potential tenant/buyers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why a credit repair and restoration service is so valuable
  • Tenant screening and deciding whether to accept a lease option client
  • What sets Ritter’s company apart when it comes to its application process, which is efficient with a significant value-added benefit
  • How a person pays for a low credit score in many ways, such as with interest rate on car, house, credit cards and insurance
  • How employers look at prospective employees’ credit reports when deciding who to hire
  • Why you don’t want a one-size-fits-all credit repair company
  • Why you need an extensive action plan from a credit repair company
  • How Ritter’s company’s service is extensive but not expensive
  • Why working with a quality credit repair company is a valuable investment in your future
  • Becoming educated about your credit report and having a strategic action plan that helps you get where you want to be
  • Some of the key information that should be gathered and analyzed such as debt to income ratio, affordability analysis, and income details
  • Why it’s vastly better for a human to analyze information and make decisions about someone’s credit worthiness rather than a computer doing that
  • What exactly makes up a credit score, how credit scores can be calculated in a unique way, and the surprising percentage of a credit score that is credit history
  • Watching out for the countless bad credit repair services, and finding a trustworthy service
  • Some key pros and cons of a lease option
  • Why and when refinancing can be the right decision
  • How podcast listeners can receive a free ebook plus special offer of a waived setup fee and other bonuses


Apr 12, 2018

Tony Javier is known as one of the top Residential Real Estate Investors in the U.S. and a speaker/trainer. Tony started his Real Estate Investing career in 2001 in Wichita, KS but now resides in San Diego, CA while his team runs his Real Estate Investing operation back in Kansas. Tony now dedicates his time to helping other Real Estate Professionals grow their businesses. He focuses on working smart by surrounding yourself with the best people, automating your processes and more importantly investing in the most important Real Estate you have; your mind.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tony’s background and how he started buying properties with no money down
  • The challenges Tony faced starting his real estate business
  • What Tony’s first deals were like in the beginning
  • A tactic seasoned investors use to buy properties
  • How Tony made money and rolled the profits back into purchasing more properties
  • Why flipping houses works great during an economic downturn
  • The various marketing strategies Tony apples to fill his pipeline
  • The importance of why real estate investors need to be aware of the decisions they make for their business.
  • Lessons learned during the recession
  • Why you should not rely on banks or institutions to acquire properties
  • How to find greate private investors
  • What it takes to run a real estate business from a different state
  • Three things you need to have in place for your real estate business in order for it to succeed
  • The importance of investing in your employees
  • How Tony helps real estate investors find financial freedom
  • How mastermind groups can build a strong network for real estate investors
  • The importance of hiring the right people and creating a systematized business


Apr 10, 2018

Greg Jameson has been at the forefront of digital commerce since the start and brings 30+ years of web development and e-commerce mastery. Greg has a history of bringing the technical, leadership, and communication skills to large organizations like Chase Paymentech, Ball Aerospace and Los Alamos Labs. As the President of WebStores Ltd., he is now focusing this expertise on businesses that need a profitable web presence.

Greg Jameson is often referred to as an internet pioneer. He has been called “America’s leading expert on marketing like Amazon.” The #1 best-selling author of multiple books, he is a sought-after consultant and speaker whose goal is to make you successful on the internet. He has awards for international developer of the year, Colorado Small Business of the Year and listed on the INC 500 of fastest growing companies in America.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Greg Jameson background in software and ecommerce websites
  • Greg’s book: “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” and “Influencer Effect”
  • How having a mainframe computer impacted Greg’s life and career
  • How everyone is a sales person no matter what industry you are in
  • Where to start when opening a new company and creating a brand
  • Why you need to have people promoting your products and services for you when first starting a company
  • The importance of having video testimonials on your website and other third-party sites
  • What affiliate marketing is and how it can help promote your products
  • Why you won’t be successful if you are only focused on making money
  • Why Greg advises that business don’t worry about SEO right away when they build their website
  • How to get on the first page of Google without paying a lot for SEO
  • Effective retargeting strategies you can use aside from Google and Facebook
  • The importance of why you need to be niching your audiences down all the time and showing yourself being an expert in your industry
  • How to keep providing consistent value on a consistent basis to build trust in your market
  • The most interesting trends used today in advertising


Apr 5, 2018

Jon & Stephanie Iannotti have been Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders since 2000. Prior to that Jon worked in a Steel Mill in PA as a Quality/Safety Inspector for 24 years and prior to that was a Policeman turned Police Chief. Stephanie was an Orthopedic Technician and Personal Assistant to a very well known Orthopedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh for 24 years. Then the Real Estate Investing Bug….Bit them hard!!!

They now have over 36 years combined experience in Real Estate Investing/Teaching, and Mentoring and over 3000 creative deals under their belts, they are considered one of the best in the industry. The Iannotti’s are huge believers in Multiple Streams of Income! To help their students and Real Estate Investors across the country they have come up with some amazing ways to structure deals that are cutting edge. They have done many deals with their student partners using these state of the art techniques which are now being taught across the country and internationally. They are the creators of ACT (Agreeable Contract Terms). This program has totally changed many investors’ lives with the teachings and techniques. Then in 2012, due to even more changes in the Real Estate Market, the Iannotti’s came up with another System called REACT (Reverse Engineered Agreeable Contract Terms). REACT is now taking the Real Estate Investing world by storm as well as their most recent program CATS (Complete Agreeable Terms System), which combined both of the systems.

Jon and Stephanie have trained with and worked with some of the biggest names in Real Estate Investing. To name a few, Ron LeGrand, Robin Thompson, Lee Phillips, Al Aiello, Ted Thomas, Lou Brown, and many others. Not only have they mentored hundreds of their own students, they have also mentored hundreds of Ron Legrand’s real estate students.

Seeing a great need for another Real Estate Investing Association in the Southwest Florida Region to help educate and train Real Estate Investors, Jon & Stephanie approached one of their associates and decided to form the Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate Investing Alliance. They are looking forward to continuing to bring knowledge and training to as many Investors as possible and are always continuing to keep their skills fine-tuned and cutting edge so that their knowledge can be passed to those that they associate with. Their motto for Real Estate Investing….”Knowledge is key, Timing is crucial, Location is important and having a Mentor or Coach will keep you on the path to Success!”

The Iannotti’s are also 3 Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Authors.The books include their most recent Book “Elite Real Estate Leaders” along with their 2nd book “Business Leaders Success” and the 1st book “The New Masters of Real Estate, Getting Deals Done in the New Economy.” 12 of the 18 contributing authors in the 1st book were mentored or coached by them personally.

Jon and Stephanie are also highly sought after National Speakers and National & International Mentors to well over 400 students over the past few 15 years. Owning their own businesses have given them the freedom to live where they want to live, do what they want to do and when they want to do it. By Systematizing and putting their businesses on Auto Pilot, the Iannotti’s have been given the name, “The Cruise Control Couple.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the flexibility of Jon and Stephanie’s course adapts to the real estate market and prepares their students to handle different scenarios
  • The importance of developing the skills that let you recognize when a marketing technique isn’t working and how to shift to different pathways to bring in leads
  • How to use creative thinking to survive when the market becomes more seller-friendly, making it harder to get the contract you’re looking for
  • How their students benefit from the profit-sharing option offered by getting to work with someone experienced at closing deals while receiving support along the way
  • How to make the most of the leads without letting difficult market conditions keep you from success
  • Helping sellers get to a place where they’re comfortable saying “yes” to a deal by removing the complexity from real estate terminology and making the upside clear
  • How to turn profits on deals where you might initially pay more than you wanted for a piece of property
  • How they model themselves after internet loan companies and find paths to funding outside of banks from lots of different sources, selecting the ones that benefit them most
  • Being able to recognize when certain selling techniques will work and when to change them to match the conditions of the market
  • How to Find long-term success by striking the right balance of adjusting to the needs of both motivated and non-motivated sellers


Apr 3, 2018

Craig Cecilio is the CEO and founder of DiversyFund a crowdfunding real estate platform that gives average investors access to institutional-quality investments through the power of crowdfunding.

Craig has worked in the real estate industry for nearly 20 years and has participated in the development of over 1,000 single family residences as a joint venture equity partner, lender or sponsor.

Over the course of his career he has financed nearly $1 billion of real estate assets and raised over $100 million in debt or equity for real estate transactions. Craig has been an entrepreneur for all his life, never even having a boss, he has worked tirelessly to turn opportunity into reality.

By focusing his passions for real estate and technology, Craig has developed an online alternative asset investment platform known as DiversyFund.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The ups and downs Craig Cecilio has experienced during his long career in real estate
  • How Craig recognized the value of combining technology and real estate early on, starting with using an old Palm Pilot to find old contacts who might be interested in investing
  • How regulators determine your value as an investor, and how it creates or limits opportunities
  • The differences in personalities between traditional and online investors
  • The opportunities for profit provided to investors in exchange for their stake in properties
  • The importance of having ownership of a platform and being able to exert control over all of its components
  • Craig’s determination to provide a high-level customer experience by making continuous improvements to the technology and transparency available on his platform
  • Craig’s hopes of expanding their platform within the next month or two to allow bids from non-accredited investors
  • What people should realistically expect from their crowdfunding investments on the platform
  • How Craig goes out of his way to find quality projects for his platform that will provide the best opportunity for investors
  • Filling a niche normally ignored by larger institutions to the benefit of smaller investors


Mar 29, 2018

Tom is a Marketing Mentor who started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.

These days Tom’s thing is “Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand” which is a blended learning program that gives professional advisors a model for generating a flow of high-quality, inbound, new client enquiries into their businesses almost every week of the year.

Over 2000 business owners across 193 different industries and 4 continents have been through his programs and many have gone on to add millions to their earnings and their testimonials are available on his website

Tom’s work has been published in 27 countries and he’s also shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracy and many others.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Tom believes in “marketing for the invisible” and how it has worked for him
  • What makes an effective marketing message vs an ineffective marketing message
  • Tom’s “Sprint System” for generating quality leads quickly and easily
  • The “Just Show Up” marketing system and how it can work for you
  • Dog Personality vs. a Cat Personality and their roles in business
  • Why your lead generation system has to fit the personality of the person who owns that system
  • The importance of delegating to an assistant so you can focus on your business
  • Why you need to stick to milking cows instead of mice…An analogy worth learning…
  • Stop wasting time, how to use effective marketing to narrow your prospects and focus your efforts.
  • Try Tom’s Five Hour Challenge that will generate 5 leads for you within 5 days


Mar 27, 2018

Joy Gendusa is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, established speaker and philanthropist. She is the Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a rapidly expanding marketing company specializing in lead generation for small to large-sized businesses. With only a phone, a computer and postcard marketing, Joy grew PostcardMania from a startup into an industry leader generating more than $49 million in annual revenue and employing more than 200 people in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

As a business leader, Joy has been awarded the Tampa Bay CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur BusinessWoman of the Year in Tampa Bay, and twice been an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Her company, PostcardMania, has been named to the Inc. 500 and the Inc. 5000 lists and has helped over 73,000 small businesses with their marketing.

You can request free postcard samples from Joy’s company, PostcardMania, or connect with Joy by emailing

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Everywhere Small Business: PostcardMania’s direct mail service that adds a call tracking number, mail tracking code, a Google component, and a Facebook component
  • Why showing people your message on multiple fronts is far more effective than traditional direct mail could ever be
  • How to get 1000 free postcards to send
  • Retargeting: what happens when you see a product online (like on Amazon, for example) and then start seeing ads for that all over the internet
  • How retargeting legitimizes your business in a way that just sending out postcards never could
  • Industries beyond real estate that can utilize this
  • Why 95% of people that are interested in what it says on your postcard are going to go to your website before they take action
  • Why 96% of the people that go to your website are going to leave without doing anything
  • How retargeting can boost your response up to 400%
  • Why 76% of customers that use Everywhere Small Business reorder


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