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Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.
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Jan 18, 2018

Mac Ford Jr. is from Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from University of Mississippi with a degree in Managerial Finance. After graduation, he started in the insurance sector. He saw an opportunity to be a mentee under Mitch and decided to take full advantage. He has been in the real estate field for a little over a year and has grown a true passion for the industry. With Mitch’s guidance and expertise, he is turning many problem properties into revenue churning vehicles via owner finance.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The predicament that Mac was in and how he got there
  • Why you should find a good property manager to work with
  • The value of finding tenants who will stay and take care of the property
  • How marketing has helped substantially with Mac’s properties
  • What Mac’s negative cash-flow was 12 months ago and how it’s improved
  • How LiveComm was instrumental in helping Mac to sell properties
  • Why finding a qualified buyer is so difficult
  • How Mac turned things around with the properties that he was buying
  • The power of changing your mindset
  • The importance of just sticking with it and seeing things through


Jan 16, 2018

Ron Douglas is a husband and father of 8. Kicked out of high school in the tenth grade, Ron went to street racing and broke his back in a car accident at 18. He was paralyzed from the waist down and learned to walk again, making a full recovery. He became a prison guard at 19 and was on the riot team by 20. He worked death row from 22-24 and gained a unique perspective on life while there.

He has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 and has started and sold many companies. He has started several companies that were making over $1M in the first 12 months of operations. Ron has been on Discovery Channels Blue Collar Backer TV series for season 1. Realizing how much time it took away from his family, he turned down the offer for five more seasons and continues to help people on a more personal level. He has been featured in NY Times, MSNBC, CBS, and FOX. He is the author of Six Figures in Six Months and loves the art of creating business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The story behind how Ron joined Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backer TV series
  • What inspired Ron to write his book, “Six Figures in Six Months”
  • What business owners tend to do wrong most often
  • The importance of liking to sell if you own a business
  • Why you shouldn’t take on every opportunity that comes your way
  • One of Ron’s biggest successes
  • The best way to help yourself
  • Why you shouldn’t hire family or friends
  • Why there is nothing to it but to do it


Jan 11, 2018

Mike Wallace is 34 years old. He grew up in Dallas/San Antonio and graduated from UTSA with a degree in Finance. Mike worked as a commercial lender for several banks in San Antonio for 12+ years before starting investing in real estate in May 2017.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How real estate improves during a recession
  • The benefits of purchasing a ‘Walmart’ house
  • How Mike started bringing in multiple deals in such a short period of time
  • How Mike finds most of his leads
  • Mike’s goal for creating cash-flow
  • The tools that Mike uses to help him find properties
  • The importance of having a mentor
  • The value of planning accordingly if you are thinking of getting into real estate
  • The importance of having a backup plan


Jan 9, 2018

Clayton Morris is the Former FOX News anchor who left television after achieving financial freedom. Now he devotes himself to helping other people build passive income and achieve financial freedom. He runs a turnkey real estate company called Morris Invest.

Clayton is also the host of Investing in Real Estate podcast, which has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties. The podcast utilizes expert interviews, case studies with normal everyday investors, and Clayton’s own methods for achieving passive income.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of creating more space and time in our lives
  • How Clayton came up with his financial freedom number and how you can achieve yours
  • The benefits of getting a Roth IRA account
  • How to take control of your own financial freedom
  • The problem most investors make when starting out
  • The three stages of real estate investing
  • The advantages of purchasing or investing in real estate
  • Why you should stay away from real estate internet forums
  • Focusing on one course of action and sticking to it
  • Why you should never make assumptions about other people’s financial situations


Jan 4, 2018

R. E. Capital, LLC was founded by Mitch Stephen and partner Raymond Braun. Collectively they have purchased and sold over 1,500 houses in the San Antonio, TX area since 1996. They have purchased a very large portion of these properties with private funds loaned to them by private individuals.

The premise is very simple: Private individuals loan money for a fair interest rate and they get the 1st Lien Rights on a property they lend on. Each loan stands alone; 1 Lender, 1 Borrower, and 1 property pledged as collateral.

Conservatism the foundation of the business, the collateral property is always worth at least $35% more than the loan at the time of the loan. In most cases, the equity is worth MORE than 35% of the loan. Lenders either get paid the interest rate as agreed or they get the collateral (the property).

That being said, R. E. Capital, Mitch Stephen and Raymond Braun have never given a property back to any lender Traditional or private. Dealing with houses is nothing new to Mitch and Raymond. This duo has dealt with thousands of properties over the years and they know what to do with properties in distress …lenders are spared the details, they just get paid.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Mitch and Raymond got started in the hard money loan business.
  • The importance of establishing a system for success.
  • Why investments in the hard money loan business could be considered more favorable than other traditional investments.
  • Why there is nothing passive about renting houses.
  • The importance of the “Loan to Value.”
  • The importance of third party appraisals.
  • How to get comfortable with a loan before making it.
  • The benefits of working with a private lender rather than banks.
  • Why you shouldn’t be surprised if a deal needs to be funded really fast.
  • The value of strategies that have survived tough times.
  • Why everyone should have a large portion of their money backed by physical assets.



Free consult with Mitch Stephen or Raymond Braun.

Mitch Stephen

Raymond Braun

Jan 2, 2018

Scott was a VP at a Fortune 300 company when the leadership changed and Scott realized he needed to take action to build passive income. He turned to Real Estate investing and left his job after replacing his income. Today, Scott is a Full-time real estate investor and the co-host of the Best Passive Income Model Podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Scott replaced his regular income with passive income
  • Why it’s vital to stay focused when building your passive income
  • Why you need to implement a strategy to automate your postings
  • How Scott’s free course on posting domination can help you with your Craigslist ads
  • Why you need to have your content right when posting ads
  • The power of setting up multiple Craigslist accounts to help you promote your properties nationwide
  • Why you should hold back some information from your ads
  • The main strategy that Scott uses to generate leads for his business
  • The importance of having multiple streams of income
  • Connecting with people who are having the same problems as you
  • The difference between people who are successful and people who run back to their comfort zone


Dec 28, 2017

David Lecko is the CEO of DealMachine — a real estate investing app that puts you in touch with any property owner via direct mail, phone, and email. Next time you are out and about and you see a house that looks abandoned or interesting, simply take a picture of it with the DealMachine App to instantly see who owns it. Then choose your contact method and get in touch with the owner and offer to buy it. DealMachine launched in the summer of 2017, and users report making as much as $25,000 over the last 4 months by looking for houses on their commutes that appear run down and contacting the owner via dealmachine and then selling the properties to an investor. Since using DealMachine at least one user has quit his job with the income earned from using DealMachine.

David turned to real estate to free up his time in order to create apps like DealMachine that solve real-world problems. On a mission to find financial independence, with a single real estate deal, David was able to reduce his living expenses to effectively $0 earlier this year, freeing up his time to quit his 9-5 job and work on DealMachine.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to fully automate your house-buying systems
  • How spending $1.25 can make your business much more profitable
  • Reaching out to owners of the houses you want to buy, immediately!
  • Why automated letters, with follow-ups, help drive your business
  • Using the DealMachine app to help you grow your real estate business automatically
  • How to modernize the systems you have in place
  • Making more deals in less time with DealMachine
  • How this data-driven app helps you learn which deals are worth pursuing
  • Is driving for dollars a completely outmoded strategy?
  • How to streamline your systems to grow your profit and efficiency
  • How the DealMachine mobile app is going to revolutionize and more fully automate real estate
  • Why some business expenses are more than worth their cost


Dec 26, 2017

Mitch Stephen has been a self-employed RE investor for 20+ years. His real estate investing career started at the age of 23 when he read “Nothing Down” by Robert Allen.

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR: Mitch, together with his wife, Tommi, and his daughter, Shannon purchased their fair share of local houses. Their company, Independence Day, Inc., has bought and sold over 1,500 properties in and about San Antonio, Tx since 1996. This company specializes in buying distressed properties with OPM and the selling of those owner financed properties.

Mitch is the author 3 books:

Failing Forward to Financial Freedom

200+ Ways to Find Bargain Properties

My Life & 1,000 Houses
The Art of Owner Financing

For more info about these books go to

Mitch offers Online Education, Group Coaching, and one-on-one Mentorships as it relates to all the aspects of Owner Financing and owner financed properties.

Mitch forged the creation of a mass texting software, to help solve problems that arise when you get numerous calls from bandit signs and other advertising efforts to sell your houses.

The main reason Mitch wanted this system was to reduce the number of calls from potential buyers (that asked the same questions over and over) to a group of the most qualified buyers, saving time for the sales team. This solves that and much more to streamline your selling process.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why being wealthy is not always a piece of cake
  • The problems being rich can cause for some people
  • How wealth can bring some bigger temptations and options
  • Keeping your wealth to yourself
  • How hiring family to work for you can be a very tenuous move
  • The advantages of hiring employees that are not family
  • What to do when a family member asks you for a loan
  • How vices tend to expand when you have money and a lot of time on your hands
  • Why it’s vital to have discipline when you have a lot of money
  • Why you should consider giving anonymously to charity organizations
  • Why you should be careful about how you spend your overhead


Dec 21, 2017

Jason Lucchesi founded real estate investing company, Global Fortune Solutions, in the year 2008. Jason has been enjoying a successful career in the real estate industry since 2002 where he started as a Loan Officer for Illinois brokerage, Bancgroup Mortgage. In 2004, Jason joined the Management team at Countrywide Home Loans, which was the nation’s #1 lender. In 2008, Jason established his own company to pursue his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur and business owner.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The main reason why Jason got out of corporate America
  • The importance of knowing what your “why” is
  • How Jason approaches probate properties
  • How to avoid sending out thousands of pieces of mailers
  • The key information you can get from quick claim deeds and how you can get access to them
  • Why it’s important to develop relationships with attorneys
  • Why having a lot of heirs to a property can work in your favor
  • Why you should seek out referrals for probate attorneys who specialize in real estate
  • How to find and flip probate properties quickly with Jason’s online training program
  • Why you should focus on mastering a specific niche


Dec 19, 2017

Dawn Rickabaugh is the founder of Note Queen Capital. In 2004, she quit her nursing job and became a full-time entrepreneur. Through her small, family-operated investment company, she’s been building a portfolio of seller-financed notes since 2009 and helped many people get started investing in notes. She frequently consults in real estate transactions that involve owner financing and buys & sells real estate in the Reno-Tahoe area. She loves to use her expertise to increase homeownership in her local market. She helps retirees understand how to escape the wealth vampires on Wall Street and safely increase their accounts while doing something good for the community. When we understand “the dance between property & paper”, we can create home-grown financial solutions, just one Mom n’ Pop to another.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to become a successful owner-financier
  • Why you shouldn’t rely solely on Washington and Wall Street for financial security
  • Alternative investments to diversify your holdings
  • The importance of properly creating your notes to get paid top dollar
  • Solid retirement income strategies that don’t rely on traditional financial institutions
  • How to use non-traditional real estate strategies to help your community and build a legacy for yourself and your heirs
  • Why mobile homes on land are a great place to get started in the seller-financed real estate investment market
  • How Dawn’s ebook “Seller Financing on Steroids” can help spur your success
  • Information about creating affordable housing options that are a wise investment
  • Why the traditional financial system is a stacked deck against the average citizen
  • Ways that financial freedom is not always about the money
  • How to trust yourself and grow your business your own unique way


Dec 14, 2017

Anmol Singh started trading during his early college years without much luck. After a year or so he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from 0 to a profitable trader. To date, He has generated a lot of profits for himself and his investors in trading wins and continues to remain a stock and forex trader. He is also an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio and has funded two other tech-based companies. His portfolio also includes Franchise Stores in the Automotive Sector. Today, he spends most of his day managing funds and working with students of Live Traders which he co-founded in 2014.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it’s good to have multiple streams of income
  • Why it’s all about who you compare yourself to
  • How to diversify your multiple streams of income
  • Building a new skill set by getting involved in multiple industries
  • Why you should expect a learning curve when getting involved in something new
  • How you buy yourself a job when you buy a franchise
  • The only way to become independent if you’re a new business owner
  • Why it’s important to have people on commission
  • Why it’s vital to invest in yourself


Dec 12, 2017

Costas Peppas is the Co-Founder & CEO of Agent Legend. The secret weapon top brokers, teams, and agents are using right now to turn in huge conversion numbers.

If you’re not regularly the first to follow up, then you’re blowing deals and losing money. Every agent knows this, yet it’s tough to stay consistent. Agent Legend regularly doubles and even triples your connection ratio with prospects.

As a bonus perk just for listening, Agent Legend is giving away copies of their top performing scripts to every listener on the call today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What the Agent Legend system is and how it can help you
  • The paradox of every business
  • How to automate your business as an agent or broker
  • How to know if your strategy is working
  • An effective automation plan that a lot of agents have had success with
  • How to spend more time on the deals that convert rather than the ones that don’t
  • How to control the destiny of your business
  • The important thing to know whether you’re generating leads or buying leads
  • Why you need to know how to get leads in order to utilize a system that converts them


Dec 7, 2017

Larry Higgins is a real estate investor based out of Houston, TX. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2003 he began his career in construction project management which he thoroughly enjoyed until 2013 when for the first time in his life, he found himself in a job from which he got no sense of satisfaction and decided he needed to make a change. That’s when he decided it was time to quit and jump into real estate full time although he had zero experience in it and had never even done a deal.

Fortunately, during this transition, Larry stumbled across Mitch Stephen, whose mentorship helped him hit the ground running.

Like so many other investors have experienced before he knew it, Larry had a huge stack of returned mail from his mail campaigns and he knew he needed to do something with it. After getting in touch with several skip trace services he realized how expensive it can be to skip trace so he decided to learn how to become his own skip tracer. Two deals later and he fully realized how crucial it is to be able to skip trace returned mail.

But it wasn’t just the returned mail that got Larry’s attention. As he worked his business he couldn’t help but notice that some letters weren’t returned for weeks, months, or even years (yes years) after they were initially mailed.

He also witnessed first-hand how in most cases where his mail was received and he happened to get an appointment, it had a lot to do with luck in what he calls the yellow letter lottery. This is where the seller has received a stack of mail from other investors and the seller decides to pick just two or three people to call and get offers. No matter how great you think your mailing list is, if you’re in a larger market, the odds are there’s at least a dozen if not dozens of other investors mailing the same people.

So with a keen understanding that he was losing valuable time and leaving too much to chance with mailing, he knew he needed to create a system that allowed him to skip trace high volumes of people or lists and then call or text them. In another stroke of luck, Larry had just started partnering with Will Denker, an established and successful investor in Houston. With their combined knowledge and experience, and the great team Will already had assembled, they were able to create the system they envisioned.

Now that they have created this system they no longer do mail campaigns and they rely strictly on skip tracing lists of potentially motivated sellers and contacting them via phone calls or text messages and it’s transformed their business. The ability to skip trace high volumes of people in a cost-effective manner has not only given them the ability to find and call or text the potential sellers, but it allows them to scan the lists and identify great deals that are flying under every other investor’s radar. The bottom line result is that they are more successful at getting deals and the deals are much more profitable. After first implementing their system their average assignment fee grew from $10,000 to $22,000 and then after becoming much more targeted they doubled it again to their current average assignment fee of $44,000.

Because they now have their strategy defined and much more targeted, Larry and Will recently decided to create to begin sharing their high-volume skip trace system with other investors in various markets around the country, and helping them develop and tailor a system around their specific goals.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How skip tracing compares to mail
  • How your cost-per-buy is dramatically lower with skip tracing
  • Why you should not be using lower-tiered skip tracing services
  • One issue with skip tracing that a lot of people complain about
  • Why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact relatives if you if you have good leads, especially with vacant properties
  • Why every deal you do should involve skip tracing
  • Why you should focus on being more targeted whether you’re mailing or calling
  • How to get a tighter ratio of leads to deals
  • The best way to get your footing when you’re just starting out


Dec 5, 2017

Tom Wilson bought his first property in 1970 in California and purchased several investment properties throughout the 70’s. In 1999, after thirty years with some of Silicon Valley’s pioneering companies, he learned that his business and management experience enhanced his ability to find and empower teams that locate and manage successful real estate investments where he then turned his new career focus. Since then, Mr. Wilson has bought and sold more than 4,000 units and over $350M of real estate in 6 states, including three condo conversion projects, 13 syndications, 8 multifamily, 11 commercial, and over 600 residential properties.

Mr. Wilson founded and owns Wilson Investment Properties, Inc., a high quality 10 year brand and turnkey provider of rehabbed rental homes, that has provided over 600 investment properties to investors. He is an active contributor to real estate investment clubs, is a frequent speaker on real estate investing, and frequently mentors new investors.

He was invited by the chief economist of Fannie Mae to give presentations three times to management on the role of investors in absorbing non-performing assets, contributing to the industry recovery, and reducing risks on future lending practices.

Mr. Wilson is the host of a weekly radio show on real estate investing on KDOW, a Salem Communications Wall Street Business Network station in San Francisco.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why houses are always a good place to start with investing
  • The benefits of partnering with other people on investments
  • Why you should have an exit plan for every investment that you make
  • The difference between buying a building with a long-term lease vs. a multifamily unit
  • The “under the radar” product that a lot of people don’t know about
  • Why — in some cases — it’s better to build rather than try to find a product
  • The #1 metric that everybody uses to determine how good an investment is doing
  • The power of delegating and surrounding yourself with experts
  • Following how the economy is doing and the impact that makes
  • When we can expect our next recession & what we can expect from it
  • Distributing your investments


Nov 30, 2017

Kevin Smullin is the owner of 2Q Lead Generation Strategies. 2Q Lead Generation Strategies helps frustrated real estate agents by showing them how to implement a business strategy that will double their business in 12 months.

Kevin’s mission is to empower Realtors by teaching them a proven system that will allow them to be the top producer in their market.

The focus is to show you a different way to generate new business and utilize methods that make it so that you are spending your time with people that want your help and cut out all the unnecessary and time consuming strategies that are wasting your time.

2Q Lead Generation Strategies helps you increase the Quantity and Quality (2Q) of your leads so that you can reach the income objective you desire.

They have a proprietary system that will help you double your business in the next 12 months. Your days of frustration are being replaced with excitement.

In fact, they have clients that tell them all the time how much they have hated marketing in the past, but they are now excited about it after going through our coaching. Why? Because they are seeing results!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to generate 20+ leads per week using Facebook
  • The importance of niche marketing
  • What they don’t teach you in real estate school
  • Marketing and how doing it right can make the difference between failure and great success
  • Why the best approach is to do something that no one else is
  • Refine your message: Market Domination Statement
  • The advantages of being a big fish in small pond
  • Effective ways to hone your introduction once you find your niche
  • Why a clear and informative elevator pitch is critical
  • What a unified marketing message is and why is it important
  • Understanding the difference a mentor can make
  • Scalability: one absolute requirement for sustained success and growth


Nov 28, 2017

Ari Page is the owner and CEO of Fund&Grow. Fund&Grow helps small businesses and real estate investors get significant funding (up to $250,000 and more) at zero percent interest via creative credit card financing. To date, the Company has raised over $350M in credit for its small business clients.

When Ari acquired the Company in 2009, revenues were modest and the company was rife with customer service issues. Due to his ingenuity in finding creative ways for small businesses to acquire funding, Fund&Grow grew 450% in five years, despite the great recession. Today, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, and the company boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Ari’s approach to employees, affiliates and vendors is the same – treat people with kindness, respect and care, go out of your way for them, and everybody wins. It’s this attitude that has given Fund&Grow outstanding relationships with major financial institutions such as Chase and Bank of America, as well as Nationally Renowned Speakers and Affiliates such as The Icon Builder David T. Fagan, Bryan Ellis Investing, Jerry Norton, Kent Clothier, Mitch Stephen, Lex Levinrad, GrowThink, Financial Freedom Foundation, Merchant Banking Resources and many others. These win-win relationships have allowed the Company to achieve year-over-year growth with minimal advertising expense.

Under Ari’s leadership, the Company has invested heavily, and successfully, in systematizing processes and in using technology to streamline everything from financial reporting to customer service.

Civic minded, Ari believes in giving back in proportion to what one has received. To that end, the Company engages in various philanthropic endeavors, including One Percent for the Planet, which has companies like Fund&Grow donate one percent of their gross revenues to environmentally conscious causes.

Ari resides in Spring Hill, Florida with his wife, Maja, and their two children.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • New & exciting software improvements at Fund & Grow
  • Why you need to keep stake within your company
  • Why you don’t need business credit cards to get funding
  • How Fund & Grow does the card stacking process for you
  • The key to keeping card stacking off of your personal credit report
  • How you can improve your chances of getting approved for a business credit card account
  • Why using unsecured credit is the way to go
  • The power of being able to use your own credit & utilizing banks to build it
  • How customer relations management software can benefit you
  • How the amount of funding is skyrocketing, even for people with low credit scores


Nov 23, 2017

Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of land in less than three years all bringing monthly money to her bank account on auto pilot.

She has traveled the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others.

Whitney is a dog mom to Abby the Labby-130 pounds of loving fur, wifey to Jason East- an apartment investor, stepmom to Gavin (12) and Harrison (10).

Since 2016, Whitney has led and trained hundreds of future real estate rock stars to grow their portfolios, collect checks and achieve financial freedom. 100’s of real estate newbies are securing leads, signing deals and scaling their dream incomes through the First Deal Done Fast Program.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to get your ‘First Deal Done Fast’
  • The importance of understanding how deals work
  • Why you shouldn’t get bogged down in research, but rather get out and take action
  • The benefits of lease options
  • The key elements to getting started fast in real estate
  • How to make money three different ways on one house
  • Strategies to find off-market properties that are either free or cheap
  • Why women are generally scared to jump from being a real estate agent to an investor
  • Where the best ROI is found in real estate investing
  • Why you just need to keep going, whether you have a good deal or a bad deal


Nov 21, 2017

Grant Wise is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Real Estate Marketing University, a media Training Company. Grant is thought to be a maverick leader. He’s an innovative marketing strategist unafraid to lead companies in new directions.

Grant’s story is one of education, truth, and perseverance leading Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to their dreams with lessons that can only be learned by doing. Servicing over 600 different businesses over the last 12 months, Grant has been described as irreverent, artful, & dramatic with a strong entrepreneurial spirit constantly striving for RESULTS in his clients’ businesses.

Grant has worked with new Entrepreneurs just starting out looking to achieve their life long dreams to INC 500 companies working to implement new Modern Marketing strategies and ideologies to increase their business over 55%. Grant’s strategies have even helped companies reduce their marketing overhead nearly 75% to allow for unlimited growth in business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Pre-programmed software that can help investors with setting up landing pages, drip campaigns & follow-up strategies
  • Why you need to be specific in your marketing
  • The value of using the ‘video views’ campaign objective in Facebook
  • How to position yourself differently than most investors
  • Why you need to be nurturing your leads
  • The benefits of leveraging Facebook ads & other social media channels, regardless of your business
  • Why you need to understand the consumer levels of awareness when it comes to generating motivated sellers
  • How to target your ideal customer with Facebook ads
  • The benefits of understanding how marketing funnels work
  • How Facebook ads are where the money is being made


Nov 16, 2017

Doren Aldana is the CEO and president of and the founder of the Testimonial Engine — the #1 software for helping local businesses collect and share client reviews on autopilot.

As a result of his clients’ extraordinary success, he has won the prestigious “Best Industry Service Provider” award three years in a row at 2012, 2013 and 2014.

He is also the host of the Local Domination Podcast – where local business owners learn how to get local clients FAST. Since 2005, he has been dedicated to helping business owners attract more clients with less effort, regardless of market conditions.

His life mission is to inspire and equip people to create an extraordinary life — full of passion, purpose, and prosperity.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it’s vital to get reviews & testimonials
  • The power of leveraging reviews
  • The best way to go about getting reviews
  • An example of a highly effective review capture page
  • The importance of handling negative reviews quickly & the best way to overcome them
  • The top review sites that you should be on in your local market
  • The best way to get referrals from reviews
  • What the “magic wand” letter is and how it can help you get referrals
  • A principle that, when applied to your business, could be a game changer
  • Why you should take a close look at how you’re generating leads


Nov 14, 2017

George Antone is considered a thought leader in the finance and investing space. He is the author of 3 best-selling books on finance, the founder of the world’s largest network of private lenders, and a regular guest speaker nationwide on the topic of finance and investing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The origin of hacking finance and what it’s all about
  • How to pay off your mortgage in 1/3 of the time that it normally would take
  • Why a 15-year mortgage hurts you more than a 30-year mortgage
  • What a master sweep account is & how it can help you save money
  • The benefits of approaching things in a different way than what we’re told by financial institutions
  • How buying spreads can help you improve your purchasing power
  • What a loan constant is & why you should focus on lowering it as much as possible
  • How most people think of investing
  • The wealth building strategies built-in to real estate investing
  • Why having reserves in the bank is critical to success in real estate


Nov 9, 2017

Over the course of 20 years, John Martinez has gone from a struggling all-commission insurance salesperson, to a nationally recognized sales expert. Along his journey, John has held many sales-related roles… Account Executive, Sales Manager, VP of Sales, Sales & Marketing Director, and Corporate Sales Trainer.

John has completed over 4,000 hours of study on sales and how people actually make decisions…what REALLY drives them to take action. His approach to sales combines neuroscience, experimental and behavioral economics, and cognitive and social psychology.

Because research into decision-making behavior has become increasingly computational, he has also incorporated new approaches from theoretical biology, computer science, and mathematics. This approach to sales, using a combination of tools from multiple fields, avoids the shortcomings that arise from a single-perspective approach to sales.

This might sound complex, but John has boiled down everything he has learned into a handful of simple sales tactics, questioning strategies, and communication techniques. John has personally trained over 200 RE investment companies, hundreds of salespeople and acquisition agents, and has achieved amazing results. John is the go-to-expert in the field of REI Acquisitions & Sales.

Today, he works with the best-of-the-best in the REI Industry…the top 5% who are doing between 50 and 1,000 deals per year.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why closing a sale really isn’t selling
  • The importance of uncovering someone’s why
  • What a good sales conversation centers around
  • The difference between selling & closing
  • Why you need to believe in the product that you’re selling
  • The value of finding out a person’s motivation & what personally impacts them
  • Why follow-up is extremely important in sales
  • The mantra that John lives by
  • One of the best ways to build rapport
  • How failure can sometimes lead to big success


Nov 7, 2017

Jay Papasan is a bestselling author that serves as vice president and executive editor at Keller Williams Realty International, the world’s largest real estate company. He is also vice president of KellerINK, co-owner of Keller Capital, and co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of Papasan Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas.

He was born and raised in Memphis, TN. After attending the University of Memphis he spent several years working abroad in Paris before attending New York University’s graduate writing program. Upon graduating he found work at HarperCollins Publishers, where he helped piece together such bestselling books as Body-for-Life by Bill Phillips and Go for the Goal by Mia Hamm.

After moving to Austin, Jay joined Keller Williams Realty International, and in 2003 he co-authored The Millionaire Real Estate Agent alongside Gary Keller and Dave Jenks. The resounding success of the book, which focused on the systems, models, and tactics used by the nation’s top real estate sales agents, brought him his first experience as an acclaimed author when the book became a national bestseller in 2004. Having landed on a formula for providing insight and easy to follow strategies for success, the group maintained their momentum and strung together a series of books that found their way onto numerous bestselling lists, including those found in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The New York Times.

The books he’s helped craft have collectively sold over 8 million copies. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has sold over half a million copies worldwide and garnered more than 250 appearances on national bestseller lists, including #1 on The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The principles that Jay and his wife built their wealth on
  • A model to help you achieve long-term success
  • Why you should stick to your criteria when it comes to investing in real estate
  • The story behind the book “The ONE Thing”
  • The three simple areas of mastery that can make you a millionaire
  • Why most great growth almost has to be forced upon you
  • The challenge that comes along with planning
  • Why real estate is considered an active investment
  • How to be a better steward of your wealth and money over time
  • How to determine your financial wealth


Nov 2, 2017

Connor Steinbrook was a top online poker player from 2003-2011, and in 2011, on April 15th, the government shut down the websites and he lost almost a decade of his life overnight. Nobody wanted to hire what they thought was an ex-gambler so he quickly realized he had to create a job for himself. He tried insurance and network marketing and found himself into real estate. It was a rough start — he ended up facing bankruptcy with $65,000 in debt. He figured out how to do deals using a joint venture wholesaling strategy where he never meets the seller or buyer, doesn’t put up earnest money or option money directly and doesn’t go to closings — he does everything virtually. He went from JV wholesaling to regular wholesaling, into flipping houses retail and becoming financeable, and then began to keep houses and do some owner financing and creating notes. He then created Investor Army to teach new investors how to duplicate what he did even if they have no money….being this is the biggest handicap for new investors.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What the joint venture wholesaling strategy can allow for investors
  • The average cost of generating new leads
  • Where time loss occurs for most investors
  • The importance of having a quality buyer’s list
  • Looking for deals vs. looking for joint venture partners
  • Strategies for building your buyer’s list
  • How to build a cyclical business where deals are brought back to you
  • How to create credibility with your marketplace
  • Why you shouldn’t be consumed with building a massive buyer’s list
  • Why you don’t need cash or credit to participate in cyclical wholesaling


Oct 31, 2017

David Hicks is co-president of Dallas-based HomeVestors of America, Inc., the largest professional house buying franchise in the U.S. with more than 75,000 houses bought since 1996. Since joining HomeVestors in 2005 as Director of Franchise Systems, Mr. Hicks quickly developed a process for coaching franchisees. From 2006-2009, he coordinated the franchisee support for the company as vice president of operations. In January 2009, he became co-president of the company with Kenneth Channell, and since that time, company growth has been record-setting with the total number of franchisees nearing 800. Before joining HomeVestors, Mr. Hicks was president of NEFX, Inc. in Richardson, Texas from 1999-2005, and president of Success Motivation Institute in Waco, Texas prior to 1999. Mr. Hicks graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What a HomeVestors franchise is & what helps to build them
  • Why HomeVestors has experienced significant growth in the last few years
  • Advice for people who are considering getting into the creative real estate investment market
  • Why it’s vital to continually generate leads
  • How the trademark slogan “We buy ugly houses” helps HomeVestors franchisees buy houses
  • Why an investor would want to be a part of a HomeVestors franchise
  • Why a seller would want to deal with HomeVestors
  • Why HomeVestors is going to continue to be a pioneer in the real estate business
  • Some of the benefits of becoming a HomeVestors franchisee


Oct 26, 2017

Edwin Kelly is America’s leading expert on Self Directed Retirement accounts and self-directed investment strategies. He has more than 24 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. He worked for such notable companies like UBS and BISYS. Edwin is a Founder and currently serves as CEO of Specialized IRA Services.

During his career, Edwin has also helped set up a Self Directed IRA provider and grow it from 2 employees with approximately 300 accounts to 15 employees with approximately 3000 accounts.

Edwin has helped one Self Directed IRA Custodian to become the largest in the industry. In 7 years, he grew the company from 97 employees to 300 employees, increased the Assets Under Custody from $2 Billion to $12 billion, and participated in the successful acquisition of 3 competitors.

Edwin is an avid educator, adding value to clientele by developing significant knowledge assets at every company he has worked with. His passion for helping others learn about their Self Directed IRA options has made Edwin a popular and engaging speaker who is frequently invited to speak at seminars and workshops, in webinars, and as a radio guest. Edwin has made several special appearances on the Money Show, and his work and ideas have been featured in major national magazines and newspapers throughout the United States.

Topics he is frequently asked to speak about include:

  • What the average person can do to take charge of their finances so they can stop worrying about money and can look forward to a comfortable retirement
  • Little-known investment strategies that have helped people retire sooner than they expected
  • Completely legal secrets to growing wealth tax-free

Edwin Kelly is a member of RITA (The Retirement Trust Association), attended The Ohio State University, and holds an MBA from Franklin University. He is the co-author of the bestselling book Leverage Your IRA. He is currently writing his next book, The Retirement Dilemma and 7 Specialized Strategies You Can Implement to Solve It.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The main two types of IRAs that exist
  • The three things that you cannot do with IRAs
  • How the government thinks & operates when it comes to handling IRAs
  • Some of the more popular things that you can do with IRAs
  • The critical difference between traditional IRAs & Roth IRAs
  • Where most investments happen within IRAs
  • A little-known rule when it comes to retirement account investing
  • The importance of having open conversations about money & creating a financial plan
  • Why you need to be committed to rewriting your family legacy


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