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Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast is focused on teaching others to gain financial freedom through real estate. Interviews with investors, coaches, and instructors who tell amazing stories and give invaluable advice for real estate success. I want our listeners to be inspired to dream big and reach the next level in their business and personal life.
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Nov 3, 2016

Tracy Z. Rewey has handled millions of dollars in owner financed real estate notes, private mortgage notes, and alternative cash flow purchases since 1988, becoming a well known industry expert.

Tracy shares her 30+ years of insider secrets with real life examples that help you realize profits today and build cash flow for the future.

Tracy began her career in real estate closings and title searches leading to a position with Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities. During her 10 years with Metropolitan she mastered a variety of positions including broker relations, investment analysis, closing management, underwriting, and BrokerNet™ software development.

Tracy left her position as Vice President of Metropolitan in 1997 to open Diversified Investment Services, Inc, with her husband and business partner, Fred Rewey. From start-up note broker to corporate officer for the nation’s largest note buyer, their experience covers all aspect of marketing, closing, underwriting and servicing cash flow notes.

Co-author of Promote Your Note Business and the acclaimed Personal Profit Series, Tracy specializes in the use of tax advantaged retirement funds to purchase both notes and real estate.

She has received numerous industry awards including:

  • 2002 NoteWorthy Industry Achievement Award
  • 2001 Discount Buyer Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2000 American Cash Flow Association Million Dollar Club Award
  • 2000 Top Producing Broker Award (Jeep Grand Cherokee) from Metropolitan through National Contract Buyers

Tracy shares her unique insights and experience with both new and experienced brokers through a variety of specialized services offered by Diversified Investment Services, Inc., a Florida note buying and training company. Since starting her own business, Tracy has learned to leverage a small business marketing budget using the power of the Internet, Social Media, SEO, and Local Internet Marketing. Online marketing has become the lifeblood of her company and she enjoys helping other business owners see the same results!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tracy’s background and her path to starting her own business
  • The best ways to invest in and find private mortgage notes
  • Why Tracy goes after notes that already exist instead of creating her own -- and why that’s not the only way to do it
  • Earning while you learn: getting referral fees for passing along notes to investors
  • Investing for interest income
  • Buying notes for discounts and setting your rate of return
  • Enticing people to pay off early to increase your yield
  • Buying just a portion of notes
  • Why you don’t have to live in the cities you buy notes in -- but why you should try to become a local expert too
  • Laws you need to know about that make specific states more complicated for buying notes
  • Things you need to look at before pricing out a note
  • The biggest nightmare Tracy ever faced
  • The four signs of a con
  • The best deal Tracy ever made
  • Tracy’s training program that demystifies the financial calculator