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Jul 27, 2017

After 7 years of working overtime as an investment banker, Jamie Varnhagen stumbled into the world of Self-Directed Retirement Accounts. Through her personal investment experience and successes, she was able to help her parents with a much-needed boost in the performance of their retirement portfolio. This branched into an overwhelming awareness of a need for education and empowerment for mainstream investors who are struggling to save for retirement through traditional financial planning methods. Soon thereafter, she realized that her investment income, both taxable and non-taxable, was substantial enough that she could retire from her career track and start Self-Directed Club.

Their mission is to help deserving people live richer, fuller lives. And they focus on the use of retirement dollars, self-directed retirement accounts, and alternative investment strategies.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How self-directed retirement accounts changed Jamie’s life
  • Why there is an overwhelming need to increase the awareness of self-directed IRA’s
  • What a self-directed is and how it works
  • What you can and can’t invest in with a self-directed IRA
  • Why a solo 401k can be a fantastic option for someone who qualifies
  • Difference between a traditional IRA & Roth IRA
  • What makes retirement planning a little bit daunting at first
  • Why it’s less about what you make and more about what you keep
  • How to get closer to the income that you need
  • Passive opportunities that are available in the investment market


Jul 25, 2017

Ron LeGrand is from humble beginnings, a former auto-mechanic who couldn’t even make ends meet working overtime. He’ll never forget telling his wife again and again that they couldn’t afford a new washing machine when their old one broke. Today, they live in a 7,000 square foot home in Florida. He’s bought and sold over 3,000 homes and commercial properties all over America (using the same System he’ll give you) and he has thousands of people he’s helped and is currently helping to achieve their grandest goals. Here’s his story…

Ron’s been buying “quick-turning” for cash and keeping as investment houses as an independent investor and entrepreneur for 35 years. You can’t do that by random. You can’t do it “hit or miss” or you’d be broke, and he’s not; he’s quite rich. That’s because he has an actual SYSTEM for this that anybody can follow. And just about all business success and wealth is based on SYSTEMS. McDonald’s has a System for efficiently serving food. Southwest Airlines has a System for efficiently transporting passengers. “Old” wealth, like the Ford family’s, came from the Systems of assembly-line manufacturing and franchised dealerships. “New” wealth, like the Walton’s family’s, came from the Wal-Mart Systems for regional warehousing and distribution and controlling costs. In your job or business, you undoubtedly have Systems.

Ron has a System for efficiently locating, accurately analyzing, and intelligently purchasing certain very specific types of real estate, in some cases to quickly resell one of several ways for immediate cash profits; in other cases, to hold onto, without landlord headaches. His System can be your System – without the years of trial-and-error and expense that went into perfecting it…

In 1982, he was married, working as a car mechanic, with no money in the bank, an embarrassingly small paycheck, constantly telling his wife and kids “no” and feeling terrible about it. He was 35 years old, bankrupt, married for 17 years, with 4 kids, and clueless about what he wanted to do with my life – although he was pretty sure I didn’t want to fix cars in the hot Florida sun. Sometimes, even a good business providing a good income still feels like a bad job.

Ron talks with a lot of doctors, lawyers, contractors, restaurant owners, insurance sales agents, mortgage brokers who were doing just fine purely in income when they first meet him, but they still feel miserable about how hard they’re working or how they’re tied down and trapped by their businesses. Ron liberates them now, like he was once liberated. He saw an ad that said, “Come learn how to buy real estate with no money and no credit.”

He didn’t believe it, but went anyway. Within the next 3 weeks, Ron made $3,000 on a small real estate deal and was no longer an auto mechanic. In a few short years, Ron purchased over 400 houses but had as many headaches as he did dollars. That’s when he completely redesigned his approach to real estate and went about being an ‘investor’ differently. He went about being a ‘quick-turn entrepreneur’ for immediate cash profits, too.

People started coming to Ron for advice, word got around, and almost of its own making, Ron wound up in the business of showing others how to do what he does – and what he does IS unique. It is a unique combination of marketing to attract deals, immediate cash profits, avoiding ordinary landlord problems, and rapidly accumulating wealth, a goodly portion of it tax-free. If that sounds complicated, it isn’t. Once you know the steps, it’ll be just as easy and natural for you to do as what you do now to make a living. By the way, you’ll be joining a 50 -Billion Dollar Industry that’s more than 200 years old. It’s not that we’re doing anything totally new here. Instead, Ron’s built a System for you on a rock-solid foundation.

So, today, Ron lives with his wife of 52 years, Beverly in a beautiful home and 10 acres in Jacksonville, Florida. He indulges in his favorite hobby, fishing, with three or four trips a year, including his favorite, into the Alaskan wilderness. He does a lot of speaking – in fact, he addresses audiences of 200 to 20,000. He frequently finds himself on programs with people like Dr. Phil, former U.S. Presidents, famous authors like Robert Kiosayki, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ even Donald Trump. He usually travels in his private jet – no “take off your belt and shoes” airport security lines for Ron! He doesn’t tell you ANY of that to brag, but to make two very important points for your benefit: one, if a dumb car mechanic can do this, why shouldn’t you? You definitely have more education and resources than Ron did when he started. And you have all his experience, buying some 400 houses “dumb ways,” 2,600+ the smart way; buying over $300-million of commercial property; 35 years; all compressed and condensed into a step-by-step System that Ron never had. Two, although he’s paid every week to speak, conduct seminars, and author books and courses, that’s NOT where the majority of Ron’s wealth came from or comes from. He does what he tells you to do. He still buys and “quick-turns” three to six ‘ordinary’ houses almost every month just to keep his hand in, with an average profit of over $60,000 a month.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What happens when you finally grasp that there is no safer investment than private lending
  • Why you need to be aware of how you ask for private lending money
  • Understanding the difference between mortgage brokers, hard-money lenders, and private individuals
  • How to find your first prospects if you are just starting out
  • Key questions to ask to determine if someone is a private lender
  • Why you need to run if someone asks to pull your credit report
  • Why raising private money is important if you want to pay cash for houses
  • Some common objections and how to respond to them
  • Why it would be foolish to make monthly payments on borrowed money
  • Highlights of FCC regulations & why you cannot go out and solicit money
  • The only expense the lender should have


Jul 20, 2017

Gene is the President, CEO & Founder of RALAcademy. Gene has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business. Today, Gene is focused on just one thing… investing in the mega-trend of senior assisted housing. Having trained tens of thousands of investor/ entrepreneurs over the past 25 years, he now specializes in helping others take advantage of this mega-trend opportunity.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why the assisted living business is just going to keep growing and getting better
  • The many definitions of what assisted living is and the niche that Gene fills
  • How a nursing home is different from an assisted living home
  • Regulations and rules with assisted living
  • How being on both the business side and real estate side of assisted living can create massive cash flow
  • Why positioning yourself in the assisted living industry today will put you in the perfect position 20 years from now
  • On the business side, how to protect yourself when caring for the elderly
  • How to determine if getting into the assisted living market is right for you
  • How owning and living in an assisted living facility can provide a great solution to save and then pass on to your kids
  • Why it’s about quality, not quantity when it comes to owning assisted living homes
  • Gene’s personal mission when it comes to assisted living


Jul 18, 2017

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Damion started his first business at age 11, has started 30 since and is the published author of 5 books.  

He’s the founder of Yokido, his own martial art and has 3 other black belts.  

As a thought leader and bold executioner, his first rental house was purchased Dec 31, 1999, using his VISA and some big cojones. That was the beginning of a business that grew into 150 houses in 7 states over the next 5 years that ended with a $20,000,000 meltdown and complete Reinvention in 2008.  This was the basis for his book Reinvented Life.

Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self Responsibility and a believe that the only path to freedom is through personal ownership and 10X thinking.  

His philosophy combined with a love of financial markets and money psychology led the launch of his Austin based FinTech Total Control Financial this year, a company on a mission to disrupt Wall Street and empower main street with a patented technology and artificial intelligence based tool to reinvent old archaic ideas around retirement and financial freedom and empower people with control of their financial lives.

His powerful patented tool is called the eQRP ®, a retirement vehicle 10 times more powerful than an IRA, giving investors checkbook control of their 401k and IRA money to grow and optimize their wealth while exiting the Wall Street Roller Coaster.

Damion is a popular guest on financial and personal development podcasts and radio shows around the country and hosts a blog at

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What reinvention is really all about
  • The idea behind rewiring your brain
  • The importance of knowing who you are and what matters to you
  • Choosing if you’re going to pay the price for the pain of discipline or the pain of regret
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are creating lives similar to what you want
  • How it’s not about a mindset change – it’s about an exchange of mind
  • Why your focus should not be on how you’re feeling from moment to moment
  • Damion’s six core values that drive all of his decisions
  • The importance of having candid conversations with people & saying what needs to be said – not what they want to hear
  • Why you need to ask the question, “What is true?”


Jul 13, 2017

Bob Diamond is a practicing real estate attorney and investor with years of experience in real estate law, investment, development and is the author of three books on real estate investing.

You may be familiar with Bob from his appearances on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or the Flip That House television show on TLC.

Bob graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Finance in 1987 and from Temple University School of Law in 1993. He became a Pennsylvania licensed attorney in 1993. During his career outside of real estate and law, Bob worked for Meridian Mortgage in their default and REO department, for Arthur Anderson and Coopers and Lybrand as a business consultant, and for the international law firm Cozen O’Connor as a real estate attorney.

For his own account, Bob has been investing in real estate for over twenty years and has participated as the buyer, seller, or attorney in over one hundred million dollars in real estate transactions over the past twenty years.

Bob has been teaching real estate investing since 1999 so you have probably heard of Bob in the investor world where he is known as the ‘guru’s guru.’ Because of his legal expertise and experience as a real estate attorney, Bob is sought after for his advice and counsel.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The breakdown of what a tax sale is and how a tax sale overage works
  • How you can find real estate tax overages
  • How real estate tax overages can provide strong cash-flow
  • The benefits of tax sale overages
  • The number of properties that are being sold every day in tax sales
  • The hardest thing about the tax sale overage business
  • Bob’s new book “Overages Overdrive”
  • What a typical deal costs to put together and process
  • Having a legal structure in place to ensure that the money made from a tax sale overage passes through a business account


Jul 11, 2017

John Jackson was a self-taught day trader and wanted to get involved in real estate but found that, like the stock market, there are many ways to play the game. He did quite a bit of research and found out that out of all of the strategies in real estate, lease options seemed to be a perfect fit for him, as he didn’t need any money or have to use his credit, and he could do them with essentially no risk. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much information out there about lease options, so he had to spend quite a bit of time to learn just the basics.

John started Leasing to Buy in 2003 and has since lease optioned over 600 houses. He now teaches lease options across the nation and is especially known as the ONLY person that teaches lease options in Texas.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What you need to know about lease options
  • The high percentage of people who get into lease options and purchase within the first 12 months
  • The B.U.C.K. system and why John is such a big proponent of it
  • The best way to manage leads
  • Breakdown of how lease options work in Texas
  • The difference between a fee simple title and a mortgage
  • Why John has always been fascinated by the mindset of the real entrepreneur and how it led to the creation of his new podcast
  • The importance of learning more from your mistakes than from your successes
  • The value of working with a mentor
  • Asking yourself what you can give to a person vs. what you can take from them


Jul 6, 2017

Kellen owns Send It Rising Internet Marketing and manages a team of over 20 internet marketing professionals. He was the keynote speaker at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip and has spoken at Roseman University and the Lance Tamashiro podcast. Kellen holds a master’s degree in education and taught for 5 years before transitioning into his career as an internet marketer. Kellen speaks fluent Spanish and has a family with his wife Lonaeja, Daughter Anika, and son Phoenix.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t be angry about negative reviews that are left online and how they can actually help you
  • Why you should have a goal of attracting at least one hater if you’re doing internet marketing
  • How a sale is similar to getting a review
  • Generating leads by creating short 1-2 minutes videos on YouTube
  • The importance of having authentic salesmanship
  • Why the larger corporations are less likely to move quickly with the times
  • How backlinks work and the ‘secret sauce’ to how they can help you significantly grow your online business
  • Why you need to give SEO time to do its thing
  • What cause marketing is and how it can help you reach more people on Facebook
  • How to come across as more relatable and likable on YouTube
  • How to use Google AdWords to dramatically increase the number of phone calls you receive


Jul 4, 2017

Tom is the co-founder of Ocean City Development, a real estate investment company based out of Boston, MA.

Tom’s unique lead generation methods have allowed him to transform from an accountant who had never done a deal in his life to a full-time investor who has acquired over 100 discounted properties in to fix and flip, wholesale and buy and hold without using his own money.

To learn his best lead generation strategies, go to

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Tom’s background and how he got into real estate
  • The point in Tom’s real estate career when he had to ramp up and learn how to generate motivated seller leads
  • Some of the methods Tom used for lead generation that did not work and what he learned from them
  • The one thing that most people tell you when you’re first trying to generate motivated seller leads
  • Why you should never rely on someone else to bring you a deal
  • Spending your time on generating leads so that it’s the most efficient and biggest bang for your buck
  • The top 3 marketing techniques that are working well in today’s market
  • Tips for doing cold calling and why you need to learn how to do it right
  • Some of the most common mistakes made when sending out mailers
  • The importance of getting your cost per lead to where it needs to be
  • Why you should be looking at areas of the market that are not being capitalized on and pursue those