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Jun 28, 2018

Abhinav (AG) Gupt is the CEO of RealAcquisitions, which for over 8 years has been the leading provider Real Estate data to investors in Texas. A.G. comes from a consulting background & retired from a high profile position at the age of 32 years to become a full time entrepreneur. He is a sought after speaker for his expertise in structuring unconventional and creative Real Estate transactions. His talks specialize in adapting to the changing work of Real Estate investments and attract many new as well seasoned investors. A.G also manages a luxury home construction business and a very active portfolio of residential and commercial RE investments.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it takes a thick skin and a soft heart to do well in anything you do
  • Why you need to surround yourself with a talented team of people
  • The importance of recognizing a need or problem and solving it for real success in business
  • The value of persistence
  • Signs that a homeowner is facing foreclosure within the next 18 to 24 months
  • Practical advice for building relationships with potential customers before they’ve reached a crisis point
  • The percentage of people who give their real estate business to the agent who approached them first (it’s an enormous number and one that might surprise you which is WHY you want to begin building relationship well before foreclosure occurs)
  • Why it’s important to hold on to your standards – even when options are limited
  • Interesting recent technologies you can put to work for your real estate business that save you massive amounts of time
  • Low-tech methods that are highly effective when you’re looking to purchase distressed properties without a lot of competition
  • The new strategy AG is excited about using in his business and how you can use it too
  • Why playing the numbers will always reign supreme and what those numbers are when it comes to foreclosures


Jun 26, 2018

Cris Chico was the first person to develop and perfect the concept of “virtual” real estate investing, where you can do deals literally from your laptop, from start to finish. He then streamlined his methods into a fully integrated system called virtual wholesaling. He has successfully wholesaled hundreds of residential properties all across America using his unique and groundbreaking system “Virtual Wholesaling.” When not flipping houses or teaching others, he spends his free time with his family.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Cris became successful with virtual wholesaling
  • Where to go to find motivated sellers
  • An untapped lead generation strategy
  • How Facebook compares with finding other sources of motivated sellers
  • Why direct mail has become more competitive
  • What SEO is and how it works for generating leads online
  • The amount of money you have to spend in pay per click to get leads
  • How Cris figured out how to be successful with Facebook marketing
  • Targeting on Facebook, how most people do it, and the way you should do it instead
  • How to present yourself to potential leads on Facebook
  • Why it’s important to take a personal approach in real estate and how to accomplish this through Facebook
  • What your Facebook ads should look like and how to make sure they don’t appear generic
  • How to make Facebook ads that are similar to bandit signs
  • Benefits of using Facebook vs direct mail
  • Why advertising on Facebook is less risky than some traditional methods
  • The leads to deal ratio you should be able to accomplish on Facebook
  • Why now is the time to get involved with Facebook ads
  • The secret to Cris’ success
  • How to get a free copy of one of Cris’ Facebook ads
  • Why there is never just one thing that is going to make a difference in your business
  • How easy it can be to generate sellers and buyers instantly


Jun 21, 2018

Dave Blanchard is CEO of The Og Mandino Companies and best-selling author of a number of great books: Today I Begin a New Life—Intentional CreationThe Observer’s Chair—The Miracle of Healing Self-Esteem, and Equanimity—Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur.

Dave created the Habit Finder™ profile, a proprietary application using science and mathematics, measuring with laser accuracy a person’s habits of thinking. Over 100,000 individuals have completed the Habit Finder™ profile, and Dave has personally debriefed over 6,500 profiles and coached over 4,000 clients.

It’s fair to say Dave knows more about how people think and the impact it’s having on their lives than almost anyone on the planet.

Dave offers our audience a free Habit Finder™ profile so take advantage of this!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How the habits of your thinking affect your life
  • What equanimity means and why David included it as part of his book title
  • Why peace of mind isn’t about the money and material things
  • How your goals keep driving you even when your mind gives up on them
  • The entrepreneurial mind: how it is different from the normal mind and how it can make life show up differently
  • Processing through your emotions and how understanding your brain’s natural processes can help you be more successful
  • The amount of things we can get done if we work with instead of against our minds
  • Making progress every day and focusing on the now instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture
  • How your internal dialogue connects to your business
  • David’s habit assessment of your thought processes and habits and how it works
  • Using this tool to make your life better as a whole and determine where you might be over or under focused on something
  • Why strengths often lead to challenges and how to harness that
  • How your own need to be right can be destructive to others and making sure the best idea almost always comes to the surface
  • The most concerning traits in entrepreneurs David sees in his assessment
  • What you might be doing that’s making making a deal more difficult than it needs to be
  • How a great leader can uplift their team
  • Two different mindsets you can adopt and how one will make you much happier
  • How to get David’s free habit finder profile


Jun 19, 2018

Cody Sperber, a US Navy Veteran turned self-made Millionaire, is an avid Real Estate and Cryptocurrency Investor. Cody has flipped more than 1,000 properties as a real estate investor and quickly gained a huge competitive advantage by becoming a master of marketing. Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank called him an “absolute market genius.”

Cody is also the founder and CEO of Clever Investor, a Top Rated Educational Company awarded by Inc. 5000 in 2015 and 2016. Clever Investor is the industry’s premier source for investing education and provides support to all level​s of investors.

Cody has the most-followed real estate account on Instagram and has amassed nearly a million social media followers. Cody Sperber is also the author of two books, “How to Flip Houses” and “Cryptocurrency Secrets,”” both Amazon Best Sellers.

Cody now mentors students nationwide to achieve their own financial freedom while continuing to grow his Arizona real estate investment firm.

Sperber is dedicated to creating savvy, empowered Clever Investors worldwide.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Cody got the nickname “the clever investor”
  • The history behind what inspired Cody to start investing in real estate
  • Why there are no excuses in the real estate business
  • A trap Cody found himself in at first that many other real estate entrepreneurs also face
  • Jack Miller, and how he helped Cody have the breakthrough he needed to really get into real estate
  • Goals Cody made for himself to serve as drivers for him to do well in the industry
  • The one trait that separates successful from unsuccessful people
  • What you need to do long before you structure a deal
  • The critical thing you need to do after you find a strategy to follow
  • How to win the game of real estate by changing your mindset
  • Lessons Cody learned from his mentor, Lyle
  • The struggle of investors and how it shifts as you become more advanced over time
  • The sacrifices behind the big mansions and fancy cars
  • Three things you have to manage very well as an entrepreneur
  • How important it is to surround yourself with the right people
  • Why cash flow becomes increasingly important as you mature in the business
  • Three things to master in real estate to become unstoppable
  • Reasons you really need to get a coach if you’re just starting out in real estate
  • Cody’s teaching strategy and what he focuses on with his students
  • Asymmetric returns and what they mean for investments


Jun 14, 2018

Sam Bell started his first agency, PPC Boutique, in 2009, right as social media was starting to attract mainstream attention. Since then, he’s taken the knowledge gleaned from nearly a decade of advertising experience and used it to leverage incredible results for his clients.

These results, together with his unparalleled dedication to his clients’ success and his deep industry insights have led many to call Sam The Social Ads Engineer.

The bottom line is this: Sam Doesn’t just create ads. He launches campaigns with the express intent of pinpointing and reaching highly-engaged, ready-to-act clients that qualified and eager to learn more about what you have to offer – and act on it.

Why settle for mediocre campaign results and tepid interaction on your ads when you can have a robust, interested and passionate audience that looks forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to see what’s next?

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Locating and targeting your ideal audience so you can enjoy a greater return on your advertising investment
  • Methods for using Facebook and other social media mediums for advertising your goods, products, and services
  • The power of leveraging social media to sell real estate and investment properties
  • The importance of building and maintaining relationships with successful people within your industry as well as in industries that support the one your business is in
  • Why it’s important to evolve as new opportunities present themselves
  • The reasons it is better to focus on quality leads rather than amassing a large quantity of leads for your business
  • Why you must be willing to open the door when opportunity knocks
  • Ways you can maximize your social media efforts to pull double, triple, or even quadruple duty for you
  • Making your time work better for you by buying ads rather than dedicating your time and energy amassing huge amounts of content on various social media platforms
  • How these same tactics and techniques can be used by businesses in practically any industry and not just for real estate investments
  • What to do when people respond to your Facebook and other social media advertisements
  • Setting up a funnel so it does the work for you and you’re free to focus your attention on other aspects of operating your business
  • The importance of taking the time to get to know your audience and connecting with them


Jun 12, 2018

Connor Steinbrook was a top online poker player from 2003-2011, and in 2011, on April 15th, the government shut down the websites and he lost almost a decade of his life overnight. Nobody wanted to hire what they thought was an ex-gambler so he quickly realized he had to create a job for himself. He tried insurance and network marketing and found himself into real estate. It was a rough start — he ended up facing bankruptcy with $65,000 in debt. He figured out how to do deals using a joint venture wholesaling strategy where he never meets the seller or buyer, doesn’t put up earnest money or option money directly and doesn’t go to closings — he does everything virtually. He went from JV wholesaling to regular wholesaling, into flipping houses retail and becoming financeable, and then began to keep houses and do some owner financing and creating notes. He then created Investor Army to teach new investors how to duplicate what he did even if they have no money….being this is the biggest handicap for new investors.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Active, passive, and expanding financial situations with active, passive, and expanding income
  • What Connor did when his online poker income stream was stripped away
  • Why you should always have multiple income streams, including passive income
  • Why Connor created Investor Army
  • How Connor dealt with an issue that commonly causes entrepreneurs to burn out
  • The difference between active and passive income
  • Mistakes most people make with their lifestyle when they earn active income
  • Benefits of having both active and passive income
  • How passive income can create wealth that lasts for generations
  • Hitting rock bottom and how it can actually help you be more successful
  • The true definition of an asset
  • How passive income can give you freedom in your life
  • What emotional capital is and why it matters when you’re investing
  • Temporary vs forever passive income
  • Why there shouldn’t be a stigma around MLM models of generating income, and how you can make millions with these models
  • Why starting and running a business is always a time vs money battle
  • Choosing an MLM that is similar to the business you are already in
  • How real estate agents can build a team without being a broker
  • Cloud based brokerage systems and how they now allows teams to be built across the country
  • The trend of brick and mortar businesses being eliminated in the United States
  • Tips to ensure you’re in a good position if you lose a stream of income or times get hard
  • How to make an extra $155,000/year with a storage business
  • What can happen when you just stick your head down and focus on your work


Jun 7, 2018

Danny Kerr learned two important things as a young age: to work hard and be humble in everything he does. At 20 years old, Danny took a leadership position for a franchise company and grew sales from $400,000 to $1,300,000 in one year. Such rapid growth was only possible through selecting top caliber franchisees and being an open, honest, and flexible coach to them. Growing that business launched Danny’s journey in developing companies, where he spent the next six years scaling businesses. Through these experiences, he decided to commit his life to assisting others to move past adversity and reach their full potential.

Danny has since left the franchising world and opened horizons to all trades business owners seeking guidance through their growth stages. Through authentic relationships and always putting his heart into what he does, Danny looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of business owners everywhere.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Steps businesses must take to grow their businesses beyond one million dollars per year
  • The importance of weekly goal setting and accountability
  • Why business owners need to stop being the doers of all things and become the leaders of good people
  • The three biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to grow past the million-dollar mark
  • Strategizing and planning: foundational building blocks for all businesses and why they are so important
  • Why using your calendar as a fundamental tool for planning your business and achieving intentional growth for your business
  • The importance of choosing your team wisely and using the people you have to their full potential and your full advantage
  • Reasons why you need to not only have a system in place for your business but you must also follow that system over and over again to ensure continued growth for your business
  • Why your goal needs to be creating a business entity that can run itself if you aren’t there for a day, a week, etc.
  • How to shift your focus from getting business to managing the business you have more efficiently so you can maintain or sustain new growth for your business without burning out
  • Ways to free up your time, though streamlined recruiting efforts, so you can focus your attention on some of the more creative aspects of running your business and improving your income
  • Recruiting tactics that can help you attract your ideal candidates — people who will help you grow your business and not just those looking for an easy payday
  • Personality-based interviewing techniques that can help you identify candidates who are good fits for your organization and your organizational needs


Jun 5, 2018

Brian Safdari is the founder of College Planning Experts, America’s leading authority on how to send your child to the college of their choice without going broke. His story is one of incredible success and triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

After his sacrifice of not attending his dream college, making costly mistakes on the financial aid process, and getting in over $50,000 in student loan debt, Brian has devoted his life to helping parents get their kids accepted into their dream college without going broke.

Since 2004, Brian has helped over 7,500 families get into college, receive financial aid regardless of income, assets or student’s grades, and fund college without jeopardizing their retirement.

Brian has been featured in LA Times, Daily News, The Signal Newspaper, SCV TV, AM 1220 KHTS radio show, and as seen on many TV channels such as Fox 11’s Good Day LA show, Fox News, USA network, Bravo, E network, ABC family, Food Network, TLC, Tru TV, VH1, Animal Planet, Lifetime Movie Network, Oxygen, CNN, and much more. Brian has helped raise over $121,000 in charitable contributions to many non-profit organizations and been awarded by The US House of Representative, Congressman Howard Buck McKeon, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, California State Assembly, County of Los Angeles, California State Senate, California Legislative, City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Clarita, and more.

He is also the host of a radio show, “College Planning Secrets Exposed” and an author of several best-selling books on college planning.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brian Safdari is using his mistakes to help others attend college for less
  • The first mistakes many parents make when it comes to financial aid for their inbound college students
  • How to maximize access to grants and other types of financial aid
  • Ways parents can position themselves, financially, to receive money to assist with college – even if they are wealthy and may not qualify for government-based grant programs
  • Methods students can use to leverage the connections they make in college and why the connections students make in college are sometimes more valuable than the education they receive
  • The most important thing students should focus on when planning their college experience (and it isn’t how they’re going to pay for it)
  • Why parents shouldn’t fear their children getting accepted into private or even Ivy league colleges
  • When parents and children should begin zeroing in on the colleges they’re interested in and the careers they’d like to pursue
  • How parents can after the bills have been greatly reduced with Brian’s plan
  • The three pillars of the college planning process and what parents can do to position their children for the greatest possible success in the college planning process
  • Ways some college funds can actually hurt your child’s opportunities for receiving financial assistance and how parents can avoid those potential pitfalls